St. Paul Lutheran School of Boca Raton, Florida honors Delaney Hill and presents her with check to add to her fundraising effort

by Wishing Well International Foundation on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 4:31pm

Boca Raton, Florida. October 19th, 2011. Students at St. Paul join in the effort. Delaney gave up birthday presents to raise money for people lacking clean safe drinking water and her fellow students and the school honored her by raising money for her cause.
Each student made a small contribution for the right to dress down on Dress Down Day for Water, and combined they were able to raise $1070 bringing Delaney’s total to $2009. Inspired by Rachel Beckwith, the 9 year old who tragically died before reaching her goal, Delaney set her goal at $300.
A special thanks to all the students at St. Paul, the parents, the staff, Deborah Bishop (Delaney’s teacher) and Janet Tumminello, the Dean of Students for joining in the effort to help people who desperately need clean water.A special thanks to a very special young girl, Delaney Hill, for being so generous and showing her philanthropic heart at such an early age. Delaney turned 11 on August 25th. Her parents must be so proud. Guillermo Guzman. Founder

Filtercon applauds humanitarian efforts to provide clean water.


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