Calgary food company finds Listeria contamination, recalls product from stores

By Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press | November 23, 2011
CALGARY – A Calgary-based company that sells pre-cooked Asian foods is grappling with possible contamination from Listeria and has shut down its plant and recalled products in five provinces.
Ginger Beef Corp. (TSXV:GB) said Wednesday it’s working with retailers from British Columbia to Ontario to pull the affected foods from store shelves.
The company said it’s issuing the warning as a precaution after detecting Listeria monocytogenes during a routine monthly inspection.
Ginger Beef has also shut down its entire production line in Calgary to do a complete wash-down.
And it’s also working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to review its operations and ensure food handling safety.
“Ginger Beef Corporation takes the safe preparation of our food products, and the health and safety of our customers, very seriously,” said James Leung, vice-president of operations for Ginger Beef Choice Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.
“We follow all government requirements for food handling and have a comprehensive food safety program in place across our operations.”
The dozens of recalled products include packages of ginger beef, pork dumplings, lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, vegetable fried rice, chicken egg rolls and others. A full list is posted on the CFIA website.
Last week, the CFIA issued a warning about possible listeria contamination of one-kilogram packages of Ginger Beef’s Special Combo, sold to Costco stores in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ginger Beef voluntarily recalled that product.
The most recently recalled foods are sold in a variety of major grocery stores, and may be sold from clerk-service counters. Consumers who aren’t sure if they have the affected product should check with the store they bought it from, the CFIA said in a release.–calgary-food-company-finds-listeria-contamination-recalls-product-from-stores
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