Water Types and Their Effect on Houseplants

Many people spend a good deal of time, trying to figure out what is the best way to grow their houseplants. Often times, the importance of water is overlooked. Tap water may be cheap, but filtered water has many, many more advantages. Some tap water have harmful chemicals that can hurt you and your plants. Let’s take a look at the different types of water and their effects on houseplants.

Chlorine is often found in tap water and is used to kill diseases. Chlorine is a gas that evaporates out of water. That’s why you can smell chlorine. This has a terrible effect on houseplants and their growth. However, there is a solution. Let the water sit to “breathe” for 24 hours before pouring it into your houseplants. Your water container also needs to be clean, or you will defeat the purpose.

Hard Water
There are some people who have what is referred to as “hard water.” This simply means that the water has excessive amounts of minerals like magnesium or calcium. If this is the case, don’t use hard water on your houseplants. Use only filtered water unless you want to kill them.

Salt Water
This type of water prevents the plants’ roots from absorbing water. Salt will form around the plants’ cells, pulling water out of the plant as it starts settling in the soil. Although salt is found in tap water, the content is too low to be problematic.

Sugar Water
Unlike salt water, sugar causes bacteria to grow in the right environment. If you use this type of water, your houseplants will become unhealthy and die over time. It can also be a great place for fungus to grow, causing the same harmful effect on your plants.

Well Water
Well water nourishes houseplants. Since it comes from deep below ground, and it carries nutrients from the soil that plants need. It acts almost like a fertilizer, leading to greener and healthier plants. However, most people in urban areas are not privileged to this type of water.

child watering plants
Bottled Water
This can get a little pricey. Not only that, but you never know where the water comes from, what types of container is being used. Its use is not encouraged in the least.

Filtered Water
The best and most economical source for water is buying a whole house water filtration system. It provides chlorine free water that tastes great. Additionally, it removes heavy metals and pollutants that will give life back to your houseplants. You and your plants will benefit immensely from it.

Other notes: many times houseplants are killed due to over-watering. Before watering your plants, stick your finger in the soil about an inch down. If the soil is dry, water away. If the soil is still moist, there’s no need to water. Equally important, sunlight and its proper exposure.

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    • We would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-550-1995 so we can offer more personalized attention. We appreciate your continued support of our message to provide clean, filtered water throughout the USA and contribute to the health & wellness of the people.


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