Water Conservation Tips

Water is a precious commodity. We all know that adequate water resources for drinking and usage are scarce, leading to the need to practice more water conservation techniques. What many people don’t consider is the monetary value of implementing such techniques. Here are a few tips to help conserve water that can also save you money.

1. Although it may sound and look like a minor leak, it can be a big waste of water and money. One of the biggest contributors to wasted water is bathroom faucet and toilet leaks. A small water drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day.
2. Water saving toilets is one of the newest trends in water conservation. These eco-friendly toilets can help you achieve maximum savings. Believe it or not, they can save up to 18,000 gallons of water a year. That equates to roughly $120 per year.
Deluxe Shower Filtration System
3. Trading in your old showerhead for a new one can be excellent for your water conservation attempts. By replacing your existing showerhead with a high-efficiency showerhead, you can save up to 8,000 gallons of water per year. That translates into $100 or more off your water bill per year. Not to mention that these showerheads can create a spa-like feeling right in your own home. Who would not like that?

    How to tell if you need a new water efficient showerhead: Place a one-gallon bucket under the shower, if it fills up in less than 20 seconds, you need to replace it.

4. Simple habit adjustment can save you money and help in water conservation. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
5. Not using your toilet as a trash can which later may lead to blocked pipes.
6. Another tip is if you are washing dishes by hand, turn off the water when rinsing dishes.
7. Check that your water sprinklers only water the lawn and not the sidewalk. Consider also installing a rain sensor so your irrigation system will not run when it’s pouring outside.
water conservation
8. Wash your clothes only when there is a full load. Running the washer half full is also a waste of energy.
9. Cover your pool and spa properly and look for any leaks in the plumbing.
10. There are new bathroom fixtures on the market that are made for optimum water conservation. They are also more affordable than you may think and are not difficult to install. Do your homework, and you may be surprised on what you find.
11. Garbage disposals- use it sparingly. Instead, consider putting a compost together.
12. Review your water bill carefully. If you see something that is out of the ordinary, like an unusually high bill, you might be have a leak.

Deluxe Shower Filtration System
Deluxe Shower Filtration System
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