Distilled Water: Good or Bad for You?

Have you ever gone to the grocery and seen all the different types of water? Vitamin water. Flavored water. Coconut water. Simple drinking water is left behind on the shelf along with distilled water. Where the norm is now to drink super electrified, hydrating water, people are left wondering what exactly is distilled water?

distilled water
Distilled water is water that has been purified using the process of distillation. In other words, water is heated to boiling. The chemicals that boil off are discarded. After the water evaporates, the remaining substances in the container are also discarded. The water collected is pure and free of bacteria for human use.

Distilled water is mostly used in areas where water sources and/ or tap water is not suitable for drinking without boiling or being chemically treated. Although it is found in grocery stores and pharmacies, drinking this water from an unknown source may not be safe to drink.

Drinking distilled water can be made more affordable if using a home distillation. However, one problem in doing so is contamination from the equipment used. Contaminants leaching out of the glassware or tubes in the distillation process can introduce unsafe chemicals. Another concern is contaminants also leaching out from the plastic containers used in collecting the water. Some common contaminants include lead and mercury.

tap water
There are several medical professionals who discourage drinking distilled water because of the lack of naturally occurring minerals. In addition, it is acidic and accelerates the loss of some nutrients. For this reason, many have suggested that the effects of drinking this type of water are more dangerous than tap water. Still, it is better than drinking soda and other such carbonated drinks.

Recently, distilled water has taken on popularity in the weight loss community as a great way to lose weight. This is the result of hit TV shows depicting athletes losing an extraordinary amount of weight in just a few days simply by drinking distilled water. Similar to any kind of water, it has zero calories, and since your body requires energy to process, it is considered a negative-calorie food. Studies have also shown that by drinking a glass of water before a meal can help cut down on consuming unnecessary calories. You get full faster and will not eat as much. In short, drinking any type of water can be advantageous when trying to lose weight.

The best source for your drinking water is investing in a whole house water filtration system. There is no second guessing whether your water is safe to drink or not. It comes right out of your tap and the long term health benefits are worth the price. For more information: Visit Our Website

2 responses to “Distilled Water: Good or Bad for You?

  1. but i have heard that distilling removes all the minerals from water which might not be good for the body. Is it true?


    • Most health practioners today recommend drinking clean water containing the natural calcium and magnesseum in it, as this is a natural way for people to adsorb their necessary minerals. The process of distillation strips these natural minerals , so that some advocates of distilled water will add packages of minerals back into their water after distillation. Another issue that concerns many people is the high cost of distillation per gallon as opposed to reverse osmosis or regular filtration.


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