Fluoride is Pure Poison

Many people do not understand the true dangers of fluoride. With toothpaste packages, claiming fluoride benefits, it is assumed that it is good for you. In actuality, if consumed in large amounts, it can be poisonous, even deadly.

Some of the dangers of fluoride in your body:

Brush Teeth

  • A healthy adult kidney excretes 50% to 60% of fluoride consumed. The remaining fluoride goes to the bones and pineal gland. Babies are unable to excrete as much fluoride and absorb up to 80% consumed. Imagine over a lifetime, the accumulation of fluoride.
  • Babies that are bottle-fed get a higher dosage of fluoride since their diet is liquid. It has been found that these babies have a great chance of developing dental fluorosis. It is recommended to use filtered water to mix baby formula.
  • Reproductive problems in men has also been linked to higher levels of fluoride consumption. Fluroide damages sperm, causing male reproductive problems.
  • Another problem with fluoride is that it interferes with brain function and mental behavior. It has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Several studies have associated fluoride to reduced IQ and early puberty. Fluoride also impacts the proper function of thyroid.

For these reasons and more, fluoride has been referred to as “pure poison.”

Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce your exposure to fluoride.

1) Fluoridated water. Unless you know your local water source and how it is treated, you are most likely going to consume fluoride from tap water. Using a water filter is the best way to avoid drinking fluoridated water. You should know that not all water filters will remove fluoride. Look for filters that reverse osmosis, deionizers, and activated alumina. These will remove about 90% of the fluoride in water. Water filters like Brita and Pur do not remove fluoride.

Water Quality
2) Spring Water. It contains very low levels of fluoride. However, look at the label before consuming. It should contain less than 0.2 ppm. If it’s not noted, you can always call the company directly.

3) Water Distillation. There’s some controversy over distilled water. Although it is drinkable, distilled water has been noted by many as not good for you because it lacks important natural minerals. However, a home distillation unit is relatively inexpensive.

4) Toothpaste. Children can be curious and swallow fluoride toothpaste. Sometimes, the bubble gum or strawberry flavor may tempt them to swallow toothpaste. Try not purchasing these types of toothpastes or only using a “pea-sized amount.” It is best to use non-fluoride toothpaste.

5) Go Organic. Many US vineyards use a fluoride pesticide that results in elevated levels of fluoride in grapes and wine. When purchasing wine, consider buying European wines that do not use as much fluoride pesticides. Organic producers of fruits and vegetables do not use fluoride pesticides.

6) Say No to Processed Foods. Producers are trying to keep their production cost down in order to offer cheaper prices. If you are eating drinking or eating something processed, it is most likely made or grown with fluoride.

7) Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals. “Carbon-fluorine bond” pharmaceuticals can resist breaking down in the body. However, some of these fluorinated drugs have been found to metabolize into the fluoride and into the body. Some examples include Ciro, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane.

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