Dangers of Swimming Pools

Cooling off in the swimming pool might sound refreshing this hot summer. However, before you and your kids go splashing around, you should beware of the toxins in chlorinated swimming pools.

swimming pools
Why Chlorine?
The act of treating water with chlorine started in the 1800s but became a regular feature in the early 1900s. Since then, several water districts throughout the US continue to treat their water with chlorine. It is added to many swimming pools because it has the ability to kill harmful bacteria. Chlorine in swimming pools is supposed to be regulated, but often times, it is not.

Chlorine By-Product in Urine
In a study by the University of Cordoba in Spain found haloacetic acids (HAAs), a by-product of chlorine present in the urine of swimmers only 30 minutes after they got out of the swimming pool. The EPA has limited the amount of this chemical in our drinking water because of its association with cancer and birth defects.

Bathing in chlorinated water is just as bad as doing a few laps in chlorinated swimming pools. Chlorine is absorbed through the skin very quickly. In some cases, when testing tap water, the results will show significant amounts of chlorine to maintain a swimming pool. With measures like these, what’s the point of rinsing off after a swim if it’s just with more chlorinated water?

baby bathing
Test Your Water
Pick up a chlorine test kit from your neighborhood swimming pool supply store. Fill up a container with water. It should change colors, depending on how much chlorine there is. Next, fill up another container of water and this time soak your hand for 60 seconds before testing. The water will show hardly any chlorine. Why? Because in just 60 seconds, your body absorbed the chlorine. Imagine bathing a toddler in this water.

Scientific Findings
Chlorine is a pesticide used to kill living organisms. When we consume chlorinated water, it destroys our cells and tissue as discovered by Dr. Robert Carlson, a well-respected researcher from the University of Minnesota. Chlorine has been linked to heart complications and circulatory problems in a study by Dr. Joseph Price. It has also been linked to several cancers.

Although swimming pools are fun in the warm summer months, the best way to be chlorine free is to invest in a whole house water filtration system. Your health is worth it.

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