Are You Still Drinking Water with Fluoride?

The addition of fluoride to our water is a bit of a heated issue nowadays. Many municipalities add fluoride to their water in a belief that it good for you and your family. It is still commonly believed that adding fluoride to your dental products is good for your teeth, reducing cavities. This belief comes from a fluoride propaganda that brainwashed the entire country in the 1950s.
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Since then, fluoride has been found to be a toxic substance linked to cancer, osteoporosis, birth defects, even lower IQs. However, fluoride is not needed in order to have good teeth. Scientists have proven that good oral hygiene and a healthy diet will help reduce cavities better than fluoride. It is more costly to put fluoride in our water than to teach people healthy oral hygiene and how to eat well. The inevitable question is asked: Why is it then the many municipalities throughout the country are spending extraordinary amounts of money if it’s not even good for us?

A study done by Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University in Shenyang found a strong link between fluoride and its adverse cognitive effect on children. Those children exposed to greater levels of fluoride were found to have lower IQs. It was determined that the risks can be severe and should not be ignored. Though, the study also mentioned that further studies needed to be done.

The most alarming concern and common association with fluoride is the cancer, osteosarcoma. The theory is that fluoride accumulates in bones and grows into growth plates. These plates develop quickly because of the fluoride and eventually become cancerous. There is little scientific evidence proving this theory, however the concern is still there.
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If you do not know if fluoride is added to your water, you should not take the risk of exposing you and your family. There are fluoride filters that fit snug under your sink that remove this toxic chemical. Although the cost might deter you, there are some filters that are relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have a filter, you are the filter. Regardless, the price in health is worth it.

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