State Water Board Approve Emergency Regulation to Ensure Water Conservation


In the response to one of the worst California drought, the State Water Resources Control Board has approved of an emergency regulation for water companies and customers to increase water conservation or face fines or other enforcement.

The new regulation is intended for only reducing outdoor urban water use such as watering lawns, car washes, cleaning driveways, and other outdoor water uses.

Large water supplies will be required to activate their Water Shortage Contingency Plan to where to a level where outdoor irrigation restrictions are mandatory. They’ll also be required to report water use on a monthly basis to check for water conservation.

Communities where there are no water shortage plans will need to limit outdoor irrigation to twice a week or implement comparable conservation actions.

Local agencies can ask the courts to fine water users up to $500 for not conserving water. The State Water Board can initiate enforcement actions against water agencies that do not comply with the new regulations. Water agencies failing to comply with a State Water Board enforcement order by water agencies is subjected up to a $10,000 a day penalty.

According to the State Water Board Chair, Felicia Marcus, “The drought’s impacts are being felt by communities all over California. Fields are fallowed; communities are running out of water, fish and wildlife will be devastated.”

For more information read the following press release:

Be sure to check out future proposals and information about Emergency Water Conservation visit their website at:

Picture Credit to Fir0002

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