Water Filters can save you MONEY

bottle          According to most professionals, you should drink eight glasses (64 ounces) of water a day and if your family consists of four people that is 2 gallons of water a day! Think about it even further, about how much 2 gallons of bottle costs you a year. For some families, bottled water costs can amount to $3,115 a year. Imagine what you can do with an extra money from buying your own water filtration system, you wouldn’t need to recycle the water bottles and you would only need to invest money in your own system and change filters. Not to mention, you would have to carry bottled water cases around from the store to your home anymore. Your water system can conveniently be for your own use in your own home.

Buying a water filter system will benefit not only your wallet but also the planet. A water bottle with a filtration system or whole house filter system will provided you an unlimited access to great water at any time.  Most bottled water still consist 25-40% tap water and residual water contaminants. Studies have shown bottled water samples can still have phthalates, traces of arsenic, and other microbes. A 28 oz. re-usable filtration sports bottle can get 40 gallons of pure water before changing filters which can save you $45 or more for 303 bottles of water at 16.9 oz.

Even then, tap water might even be safer for you to consume than bottled water. Back in 2007, Pepsi filled their bottles of Aquafina with public water despite their labels claiming the source of the water was from natural springs. Your tap water can be good enough to drink thanks to a whole house water filtration system. It can also be used for filtering the water you use on your dishes, showers, and more. Most systems do not waste the water that accumulates during the cleaning process, some systems such as the Filtercon Total Home System, will redistribute that water even to your backyard or garden.

You should have clean, delicious, and odor-free drinking water from every faucet and show from your home. Filtercon has a salt-free operation, without wasting water. Call 1-800-550-1995 for more information about Filtercon’s Total Home System to our reusable water bottles.


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