Thousands told to boil water in Escondido

Glass of Water

6,300 customers in the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District warned to Boil their water

By J. Harry Jones of the Union Tribune

— Thousands of people in the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District in northern Escondido are being told not to drink their tap water without boiling it first, after random testing showed the presence of coliform bacteria, water district officials said.

The notice affects 6,300 of the district’s 7,800 customers who live in the northern part of the city and in the area around Auto Park Way, which includes many businesses, said water district spokeswoman Julia Scamilla.

The order will likely be in effect until Sunday or even longer, she said.

Coliform bacteria is naturally present in the environment, but its presence is also used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful, bacteria may be present. Pending further testing, the district is advising customers to use boiled tap water or bottled water for drinking and cooking as a safety precaution.

The district has two sources of water that is delivered to customers according to specific geographic boundaries. The boil-water notice is specific to Rincon customers with account numbers starting with: 01 through 48, 94, 96, and 97.

The district said water needed for cooking or drinking should be boiled for five minutes, and then cooled before using. Customers could also use bottled water instead.

Failure to follow the advisory could result in stomach or intestinal illness, the district said.

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Random testing conducted Tuesday led to the discovery of the bacteria, Scamilla said.

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