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Bottled water selling out in Bay City


The water emergency has brought about a rush of bottled water sales in Bay City.

“This is the last of our water. We sold all of it yesterday,” said Steve Beson, owner of Beson’s party store.
Beson had one case of bottled water left in his Bay City party store Monday morning.
“I wanted one too. I was a little scared. Now it’s up for sale, so if anybody can’t find water I’ve got one case,” Beson said.
One might think that this store owner could get a little more money for water in a situation such as this, but that’s not the case.
“No, we don’t do that. The same price yesterday was the same price today so, we’ll get more, we’ll sell more,” Beson said.
Meanwhile, up Marquette Avenue in Bay City at Kader’s Party Store there was an empty spot where the retailer normally sold gallons of drinking water, but there were some individual bottles still for sale.
Owner Sherry Card said she probably will have to order more water than she usually does.
“I haven’t seen people panicking yet, but I do believe they’re going to probably today or tomorrow,” Card said.
The silver lining is that it could increase other sales in her store as customers pick up other items.
“I think it’s going to help us a little bit,” Card said.
Even so, she would rather have the water emergency go away.
“Well, I hope they get it fixed pretty soon,” Card said.

Larger retail stores in Bay City have also seen a crush of bottled water sales since Saturday night.

City officials said the water is safe to drink and there’s still plenty of it, but that’s not stopping people from stocking up.

In preparation for water emergency, Filtercon recommends the emergency water storage filter barrel system, which is a 55 gallon storage system with a 100 gallon micro-filter pump. It can remove up to 99.9999% of chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, and up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. The barrel system will store water up to 5 years safe from bacteria and pathogens with the preserver concentrate. The pump can be taken out to be portable for use such as extracting water from lakes, streams, and river water.


Remember: the first thing unavailable in most emergencies is potable drinking water.

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Toxins found in the Water of Ohio and Michigan

ap5Water is the source of life. We use it to clean, drink, cook, and more. Imagine having no safe water to clean or drink. Residents of Monroe County and Toledo, Ohio were recommended to stock up on bottled water this weekend due to the toxin, microcystin. Microcystin is a toxin created by the blooms of cyanobacteria, large amounts of harmful algae blooms. Symptoms of drinking the contaminated water with microcystin are nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If it comes into contact with your skin, it can cause skin irritation or liver and kidney damages. This toxin left 400,000 people in Ohio and Michigan without water to drink, bath, or use at all for almost three days.  

During that period of no safe water, thousands of residents had to go out and buy bottled water that suddenly was cost inflated by the demand. After all, Microcystin cannot be removed by boiling water but the use of powered activated carbon (PAC), iron oxide nanoparticles, and ultrafiltation (UF) membranes. However, this was not the first time residents of Toledo had faced microcystin in their water. The World Health Organization has recently set a new provisional guideline value for microcystin- LR of 1.0 microg/L drinking water.  

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Image Credit to Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP

The Toledo Post- Water Ban Instructions for Residents


The Toledo Lucas County Health Department provides the following instructions for residents about water usage post- water ban. Please Read.

Toledo city government officials say some residents will need to flush their pipes by running water for 15 minutes. This is only necessary if residents shut off their water on Friday and have not used it since.

How to flush your plumbing system

Please complete these steps in the order set out below. Finish each step completely before moving on to the next step.


  1. Flush ALL hot water taps for 15 minutes

Begin the flushing procedure by opening the hot water taps in your            bathroom(s). Open ALL hot water lavatory (sink) fixtures, hot water bath fixtures, and any     other hot water fixtures, such as kitchens, wet bars, etc. Run these hot water      fixtures for at least 15 minutes. Shut water off after 15 minutes. After you   have   flushed each hot water faucet for 15 minutes, your hot water heater will be safe    for use.

  1. Flush ALL cold water taps for five minutes

Once the hot water tank and hot water piping have been flushed, open ALL of the cold water fixtures, flush each toilet at least one time. Run these cold water fixtures for at least five minutes. Shut water off after five minutes. This does include the water in your refrigerator water dispenser.

  1. Flush ALL remaining faucets and appliances

Open any remaining fixtures such as hose bibs, external faucets or fixtures not used for drinking for at least five minutes to finish the plumbing system flushing. Take additional steps to remove water from other appliances. See How to Flush Plumbing Appliances and Faucets for more information. This includes:

Ice makers



Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Oral, medical or health care devices

Baby formula, food and drinks made with water during DO NOT USE

Water filters

Water Softeners

Reverse osmosis units

Clean Your Ice Makers and Refrigerators

If you have an ice make in your refrigerator, make sure to throw away all the ice.

If you have a filter on your ice maker, make sure to first flush out your refrigerator’s ice maker and then replace the ice maker filter. Check to make sure that you have replaced any filter after flushing cold water supply.  Then flush the cold-water dispenser for five minutes. After flushing these lines, let the ice maker container fill up completely and discard the ice and clean the container before replacing. If you have more than one refrigerator, make sure to repeat the same process.

Water Filters

Clean or change your water filters. If you are unsure of how to change your water filter, call the filter manufacturer for more details.

If you have added water to your pool after 8/1/2014, make sure to superchlorinate and change the filters.


Remember: the first thing unavailable in most emergencies is potable drinking water.

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Image Credit to Paul Sancya/Associated Press