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10 Benefits of using a Water Filter  

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  1. Filtered water makes water safer for children to drink.
  2. Filters that use activated carbon can remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water and keep the healthy mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water.
  3. A purchase of countertop filter will save you more money and give you purer water than bottled or tap water.
  4. Filtered water can remove harmful substances such as lead.
  5. Water filters remove the risk of gastrointestinal disease by about 33 percent.
  6. Unfiltered water can have over 2100 known toxins.
  7. Water filters can remove chlorine and bacterial contaminants while smelling and tasting better.
  8. Filtered water can reduce the risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts from drinking water.
  9. There are about 2,100 water contaminants that we are exposed to from inhalation and dermal absorption.
  10. A whole house filter can protect you from the breakdowns in municipal water treatment and sanitation systems.


With Filtercon’s Family Whole House System, you and your family can be protected by the dangerous contaminants in water. Your water system will not only give you clean water to drink from but give you healthier looking hair and skin. The Filtercon system is safe for babies and give off a crisp feeling instead of slippery. The water filtering system will eliminate chlorine, bad taste, and odors.

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